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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Do you wanna say something? Oh Sorry! not interested

A lot of people, I have come across, have something to say but possess nobody who can peacefully listen to them. Sometimes I also find myself in that list. As a matter of pride, India consists more than 60 % of its population to be youth. But they are bound by their limitations being scarceness, respect for elders who often are of traditional views and can never listen/tolerate any new ideas or wish etc.

Imagine a friend who can listen to you whatever may be the topics... whatever you possess in your heart but could not share it for whatever reasons. Yes! it is possible. 

When I was in Darbhanga, I was attached to some of the people because of their unbiased opinion and support for any need- financially, emotionally of otherwise. Before leaving there, I took autograph of some of them for inspiration in coming future. One of them wrote a beautiful line on my diary as-
Autograph cuttings from my Diary

"We are always in search of a true human being;
I wanna convey, make yourself so good or efficient that you need not to search any other person"

Yes, it was first solution to above problem. Make yourself such humble human being or friend that people around you don't feel such scarce. Gradually you will be out of that phenomena.

Though, there are some issues which you find nobody fit for to share with. Then I have some the ideas which, if you follow, may be a turning point for you to make any complain about people. Some of the activities which I personally follow-
  1. writing such issue in diary,
  2. making a poem thereon,
  3. making a story out of it,
  4. publishing them on Blog and sharing on social networking sites.
I have insisted almost all my friends to create a blog and share their thought. Yaa...Some of them have joined and some of them have not. But whoever have joined and started sharing their writings have positive response and thank me.