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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Ethics Vs. Professional Ethics

A CA knows that his client have two wives and he is cheating with both. Should that CA hide this? answer would be "No". Will that CA hide this? answer is "Yes".

A Lawyer knows the fact that his client is involved in illegal activity. Should the lawyer defend him? the answer is "No". Will the lawyer defend him? answer is "Yes".

A Doctor knows that his patient is criminal or country's enemy. Should the doctor operate him? answer is "No". Will the doctor operate him? Answer is "Yes". 

They should not but they will. Why? have you ever tried to find out the reason? Yaa...In movies, you might have heard of doctor that they are given an oath that they will not see the background of the patient. Right, that's the reason. Morally, CA should not hide but that's their professional ethics which binds him to do so. Morally Lawyer should not defend criminal but that's their professional ethics which binds him to do so. Morally, Doctor should not operate but that's their professional ethics which binds him to do so. 

The above cases are just a small example of profession as well as incidents. There are lot of profession which are governed by some statutory body and they have issued some code of ethics which binds the persons of that profession to do an act not to do an act. If a person doesn't follow that code or rules, they may even be barred from the profession. I, sometimes, see this like a caste system where you have to follow the rules of caste. If you go beyond that rules, you may be barred from the caste even if your act may be in public interest.

Suppose your client is involved in terror activity, you should inform the cops in public interest but the professional ethics which give emphasis on "confidentiality" let you keep your mouth shut. At most, what you can do is to break the relationship with client but still you are required to maintain confidentiality.

One another example which I can't resist to let you know is Journalism. If someone is being killed, they can take their life at chance to record the incidents but can't risk their life to save one's life.

when you think something is in public interest is morality/ethics but when you deny the public interest and able to justify yourself that's professional ethics. This definition may be controversial but that's the truth. A lot of time, Ethics which govern our personal behavior and professional ethics which govern our professional behavior are of conflict. And, obviously, we prefer to choose professional ethics.

Can't these ethics and professional ethics be homogeneous? Can't those be used complementary instead of substitutes?


Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Molestation in Delhi Metro

Today on the eve of Maha-Shivratri, I would have talked on some other matter uttering the power of Lord Shiva or people and their faith in Lord Shiva or some of the memories of childhood related to Shivratri But Today's incident in Delhi Metro didn't let me.

I was travelling in Delhi Metro today. It was around 10:55 AM, when I reached at Kashmiri Gate and changed the Metro from Red Line to Yellow Line towards Rajiv Chowk. Getting a seat in Delhi Metro is tedious task so I usually keep myself leaned to a pole in the middle of the Metro or occupy one of the two side place immediately against the door which gives comfort not only me but lots of passenger. I was leaned on a pole immediately the gate.

A group of three girls were occupying both the side place of the gate, two on the right side and one on the left. As the metro reached Chandni chowk, A girl from right moved to her another friend on the left. The Metro left the Chandni Chowk Station towards Chavri Bazar. But in the middle of these two station, a gentleman, may be aged of my father, stood up and started to shout & beat a young boy, may be aged in 20is,. Using a rude behavior and wrong/abusive word distracted not only me but almost all the people there.

As he kept beating & using such words, we went into the scene to resolve the issues being totally unknown to the issue. Then he could merely say all the incident, "The boy tried to touch his lower parts with the girls hand, then he unzipped and took out his penis and tried to make see the girl to his private part, as soon as Iiiiii... saw this disgusting scene, i became out of control". I was totally shoked with his words and could not imagine the scene as it was bothering me.

The people took to participate and started to beat him badly including me. some of them said to handover him to the police but I was in different thinking which I could not done through. I thought why not to cut his penis which he dared to took out to do such shameful act in the public not scared of the hundreds of people around him.

Facing all these act, the train arrived at Chavri Bazar station and he was handed over to the cops. The train moved ahead. But the scene inside the Metro was..... The girl was too scared and started to cry.....Lot of people tried to console her. All the scene was flashing in my mind not only during my journey but in class as well. I shared all these incidents to my friend in the class. I could see tears in his eyes.

I don't know what would the police be doing with him. I think they will be leave him after beating till public satisfaction there. But yaar.... how can anyone do this... It's not first case but I have read similar incident on Facebook and who are not aware of viral mms which media was showing months before? Nothing to say except "Must react, if any incident happens with you... the people are not numb, they will support you. I will support You, We are with you".


Sunday, 25 January 2015

Do you wanna say something? Oh Sorry! not interested

A lot of people, I have come across, have something to say but possess nobody who can peacefully listen to them. Sometimes I also find myself in that list. As a matter of pride, India consists more than 60 % of its population to be youth. But they are bound by their limitations being scarceness, respect for elders who often are of traditional views and can never listen/tolerate any new ideas or wish etc.

Imagine a friend who can listen to you whatever may be the topics... whatever you possess in your heart but could not share it for whatever reasons. Yes! it is possible. 

When I was in Darbhanga, I was attached to some of the people because of their unbiased opinion and support for any need- financially, emotionally of otherwise. Before leaving there, I took autograph of some of them for inspiration in coming future. One of them wrote a beautiful line on my diary as-
Autograph cuttings from my Diary

"We are always in search of a true human being;
I wanna convey, make yourself so good or efficient that you need not to search any other person"

Yes, it was first solution to above problem. Make yourself such humble human being or friend that people around you don't feel such scarce. Gradually you will be out of that phenomena.

Though, there are some issues which you find nobody fit for to share with. Then I have some the ideas which, if you follow, may be a turning point for you to make any complain about people. Some of the activities which I personally follow-
  1. writing such issue in diary,
  2. making a poem thereon,
  3. making a story out of it,
  4. publishing them on Blog and sharing on social networking sites.
I have insisted almost all my friends to create a blog and share their thought. Yaa...Some of them have joined and some of them have not. But whoever have joined and started sharing their writings have positive response and thank me.