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Saturday, 13 December 2014

A Chapter from "Jara si Life" a radio show hosted on Fever 104.8 FM by Richa

I was turning pages of my diary and I found a page which I wrote while listening a Radio Channel "Fever". I sometime get opportunity to listen to such a wonderful show. There was a incident which a took noted in my diary. The story was told by a girl, her own story, but I could not find the character who should be blamed. Please help me to locate the person to be blamed with logic.

There is a girl who fell in love with a boy but their parents were against that marriage. She elope with him and got married.

They were residing in a city but were not settled. After few days the money with him were spent and there were no way to run the life. The boy realized that he had did a big mistake, it should not had been done and now he should go back to home. The girl had no option but to go back.

Girl's parents decided to get her married as soon as possible with any boy whatever and arranged with a NRI guy.

After one and half year the girl came to know the guy she had been married to was already married and had no children due to which he got married again. The shocking part was that the girl's parents knew all the facts but didn't tell her. But now, she has no option rather just to pass her entire life in sadness.

I don't know the entire scene. This was what all she said to Richa.
After brief facts of the story, examine the facts and state who is guilty?